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udesh Bricks

Company Profile

Sudesh Bricks Since 1950

Manufactures and supplier of bricks with a difference. It turns an industrial waste into an eco-friendly product, thereby protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint. Its products beautify the environment with a better finish. Sudesh Bricks at its R&D Lab has developed products of architects choice with different shapes and sizes, easy to handle and soothing to eye aesthetically.

Guided by the principal of sustainable developments, Sudesh Bricks implements a variety of measures aimed at reducing the environmental CO2 emissions. We have surpassed the milestone in this industry and today has become the supplier of choice of reputed builders and developers through continuous enhancement of quality and offering the best products and services.

Finest Quality Bricks

In-House Reseach

Eco-Friendly Technology

Our Products

Conventional Bricks

Size : 10x5x3

Floor Tiles

Size : 10x5x1.5

Modular Bricks

Size : 8x4x4

Wall Tiles

Size : 10x3x1