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udesh Bricks


Our working Stations

Our Chimeny Doesn't pollute our evironment because of our echo friendly technology of firing.

Eco-Friendly way of making bricks

Our latest way of preparing clay with conservation of water, fuel and electricity.

Creating rural employment with unskilled labour with best quality of bricks.

Temporary School and Yoga classes for children of our labourers working at our factory.

New Conventional NGT approved way of stacking green bricks in the kiln (Double Zigzag)

The Best results obtained by new double zigzag technology.

Collection of silt from our eco friendly silt tanks.

Production Video

Our Products

Conventional Bricks

Size : 10x5x3

Floor Tiles

Size : 10x5x1.5

Modular Bricks

Size : 8x4x4

Wall Tiles

Size : 10x3x1